Shinheung stone’s Philosophy & Slogan


Shinheung Stone will always be at the forefront of stone culture heading into the future.

As we have enhanced the beauty of natural stone and developed new products such as Mosaic, Marble Tile and Art Stone, many of our customers have joined us in reinventing the stone industry.

Furthermore we will provide both our know-how and the high quality you have come to expect.

Shinheung stone’s Brand Introduction

DASHANY is the brand of Shinheung stone creating a value to the space with a motive of technology, innovation, design, quality and eco-friendly materials.

We provide special experience by adding innovative technology to marble and developing new products.

The brand includes the value we are seeking to satisfy our clients and ourselves both.

MARBLE ONDO is the furniture brand of Shinheung Stone. It is meaning of putting warmness into marble and granite.

We manufacture not only furniture but various interior accessories with our own factory.

So we can serve your needs of high quality.

And we are running an online shop called Naverfarm to access easily everywhere.